Wedding window papercuts

My friends Jess and Charles commissioned me to make some papercuts for their big day. The intention was to ‘dress’ the windows of their wedding reception venue – and the papercuts would also stop people peering in from outside. I cut each ‘panel’ by hand with my trusty scalpel. It’s time-consuming stuff but worth it, I think. Have a look…

I 'drew' all the papercuts for Jess and Charles' wedding by hand with a scalpel
All the papercuts were tailored to fit the individual windows. The paper was light, so as to let lots of light into the room.
From outside, the papercuts stop people peering in.
I incorporated the names of the bride and groom into the design.
...and I incorporated their initials too.
All ground floor windows done!

The wedding reception was held at The Compass, on Chapel Market, Islington. A fantastic day. Congratulations Jess and Charles!

There are some more pictures on my EllaJohnstonArt Facebook page – and I’m now Tweeting as EllaJohnstonArt too, by the way. More soon…


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